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When the weather heats in the summer, the last thing you want is your car’s A/C system to start malfunctioning. Tolerating a hot car in the summer can be miserable. Therefore, you need to know the warning signs of a malfunctioning A/C system so that you can schedule an A/C repair service before it stops working. Let’s look at some of the common signs that your car A/C needs repair.

Inconsistent Cooling

You are probably low on refrigerant if your car has consistent cooling through all vents. It could also mean that the low refrigerant levels are due to a broken blower motor, possible leak, damaged evaporator or condenser, or a failed switch. This issue may need minor maintenance or a major repair, depending on what’s causing it. Your mechanic should check the problem immediately.

No Cold Air 

If your car A/C is not emitting cold air, there might be an issue with the vehicle’s ventilation fan, or the hoses are loose. It could be due to a collection of dirt, dust, or mold in the system, making it challenging for the evaporator to work effectively. 

Strange Smell 

Your A/C air filter may be dirty if you start to notice a nasty odor. You need to have your A/C air filters replaced or clean. Regularly changing the air filters will help reduce your fuel consumption and help prevent long-term damage to your A/C system. A moldy evaporator case or air vent can also cause foul odors. Regular cleaning of the air vent and the evaporator case will help fix this issue.

Unusual Noise

If you hear an unusual or rattling noise when you turn on your A/C, this may be a sign of a broken condenser or fan belt. Debris in the fan can also cause noise. Unusual noises in your car A/C should not be ignored because they signify a serious problem.

 Compressor Clutch Not Moving

Your car A/C system compressor clutch is faulty when it’s not moving. The compressor clutch lets the compressor turn when it needs to be. When the compressor clutch stops moving, it can either seize the compressor or permanently keep it activated, preventing it from receiving power. The clutch or the whole compressor may require replacement.

 Leaking Oil 

If the A/C condenser, evaporator, compressor, or fittings have problems, it may lead to leaking oil. Having leaking oil will prevent the A/C system from functioning correctly and producing cool air. Leaking oil may not be visible immediately, but it is an underlying problem that may suddenly cause your car’s A/C systems to stop producing cool air.

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