Car Battery Replacement
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Car Battery Replacement

Car Battery Replacement

Car Battery Replacement Car battery replacement

A car’s battery is one of its most important parts. It sparks off the chain of chemical reactions that gets the engine going. Moreover, batteries provide power for all the car’s electrical parts, ranging from the radio to the illumination. Car battery replacement becomes imperative when a car’s batteries become worn out with age or exposure and cease to function optimally. You don’t need to ask “where can I get car battery replacement near me” as we at ATL Columbus can offer you the best car battery replacement service in the Columbus area.

How Often Should You Replace Your Battery?

While batteries generally last for an average of three to four years, several factors can determine the length of its lifespan. These may include climate, frequency of use and vibration. In colder, temperate weather, batteries face less heat and may survive in good condition for about six years. In warmer tropical climate, however, batteries’ life expectancy can drop to around three or four because of the predominantly hot and humid weather.

Also, vibrations from the road which impact the car’s battery during driving can cause physical damage to the battery’s internal components. Furthermore, constantly undercharging or overcharging a battery may cause it to wear out faster.

Car owners must be vigilant to spot the early warning signs of a faulty or worn out battery, especially when the batteries have been in use for more than three years, to avoid the embarrassment caused by unexpected sudden battery deaths.

Signs You Need to Replace Your Battery

Electrical Issues

Since the car battery powers its electrical parts, it is only natural for cars with failing batteries to experience a similar decline in their electrical components. If you notice that your car’s lights, for example, have grown inexplicably dimmer, especially when the car is idle, and its radio has begun to malfunction, it is wise to seek mobile car battery replacement.

Poor Engine Starting

The battery is responsible for bringing the engine to life as soon as you turn the ignition key. If you notice that your engine takes an unusually long period to load, consider finding and contacting an auto repair facility for car battery replacement.

Disfigured Battery

Some batteries may increase in size or grow misshapen after being exposed to harsh, extreme weather for long periods. A healthy car battery should be rectangular. If your car battery changes to any other form, please seek assistance from auto repair experts.


If you notice any abnormal stains or any signs of corrosion on your battery, consider seeking expert assistance.


A damaged car battery may discharge malodorous gas. If you perceive rotten smells in your car, be sure to check your battery.

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