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Checklist For Finding Good Auto Repair Shop
Checklist For Finding Good Auto Repair Shop

Checklist For Finding Good Auto Repair Shop

Cars are an expensive investment and go through a lot of wear and tear on a daily basis. The last thing you want to deal with is being overcharged or work with incompetent repair shops that do more damage than good. So it’s important for owners to schedule monthly maintenance at the right repair shop rather than risk getting ripped off in the future! So how do we find the right one?

It might take a bit of research to find a trusted auto repair shop, but these tips can help guide your search for reliable services at an affordable price. The following is a auto repair shop checklist to ensure you find the right repair shop:

Automotive Service Provider Recommendation Check

Finding a mechanic is not an easy task. It takes time, effort, and asking the right people. Finding a reliable mechanic for your car’s service needs can be challenging; however, there are plenty of places you can start when looking for recommendations such as friends, family, or work colleagues who have had a good experience with their own auto repair shop.

When researching, ask specific questions about what services they implemented and what those services cost. Ask about the shop’s customer service, and how long it took for the services to be completed. Get yourself set up with a good repair shop prior to your car breaking down. It is always a good idea to get recommendations before considering going to any repair shop.

Automobile Repair Shop Warranty Check

Checklist For Finding Good Auto Repair Shop

The best way to protect your investment in a car is by staying updated on its warranty. It’s easy for us as consumers not to know which service provider falls under our vehicle and the parts that can be repaired with minimal cost or free of charge. Not getting in touch with them will result in an annulment of any warranties you have signed up for; this could mean expensive repairs done at your own expense! If you are not familiar with your car’s warranty, look for your vehicle’s warranty and call your dealer to know more about this.

Automobile Repair Shop Certification Check

Everyone needs a quick fix for their problems, and on top of that we also want to know they’ll be fixed right the first time. Sometimes this can seem like an uphill battle because many shops are not certified, which leads us down the path of bad service, or worse yet– substandard parts. So make sure you check for certifications before you consider the right repair shop.

Certifications ensure that the technicians are trained enough to take care of your car. Most shops have their certifications on display for you to view, but in case they don’t, don’t shy away from asking them. Getting this part ticked off the checklist will keep you at ease that the person handling your car is trained and knows what they are doing.

You can look for ASE Certified technician certification. These certified places have experienced technicians that have undergone rigorous training and testing in the automotive field.

Automobile Repair Shop Insurance Policy Check

Checklist For Finding Good Auto Repair Shop

Stay safe by checking whether the repair shop you are considering is insured. For example, if a mechanic damages your brand new car while fixing it, then insurance can save you from having to pay for an expensive repair job that was not even necessary in the first place!

A good auto repair shop will have its workers covered as well. This means that the company cares about their employees’ and clients’ vehicles too!

Reputation Check

A part of your research should also include finding out the experience of shop owners and workers, and what the people have to say about them. Testimonials and reviews from real people are incredibly crucial in knowing which business is doing its job right and which one is faulty. While asking around, gather a few names and search for their pages online to know more about their reputation.

The Better Business Bureau and Chamber of Commerce are credible platforms that allow you to look for accredited companies based on their services and performance. It also allows you to compare businesses according to their reputation.

Companies that care about their services will make sure their customers are taken care of. Look for the complaint sections and see how the company has handled its previous clients.

Cost Estimate Check

We all want the best service possible at a reasonable price. Some of us might be willing to pay a large sum to get the car fixed just well enough for it to last us a few years. Comparing prices when choosing a place is essential. Price doesn’t assure quality. However, cheaper places might offer a quick fix, but you should ask yourself if that’s something you are comfortable with.

While on the hunt for the right repair shop, keep noting down the service prices of various places and compare them later. You can always find a number of local repair shops in your area and give them a call. Always inquire about the warranty they offer on the parts you want to get fixed.

Vehicle Records Check

Checklist For Finding Good Auto Repair Shop

Many good auto repair shops keep a track record of their clients. This serves as an excellent tip for your second trip to the shop. Note whether the shop took a record of your car’s details, so you do not have to revisit it all over again. This saves you time, and always puts an impression of a well-organized and reliable company.

Another benefit of having a recorded history is that it allows the company to send you annual reminders for services that your car might need. This keeps you alert and on track with the requirements of your car.

Additionally, many companies offer coupons and packages for discounts or free services, such as receiving a free car wash after three repair services.

Rapport Building Check

Aside from all these tips for a repair shop checklist, rapport building is also important. Make sure the technicians are friendly and accommodate your requests well by providing you with helpful advice that doesn’t scream, “we want your money.” Building a rapport with the client is essential, and reputable companies who invest in their services will also focus on client-worker relationships. It’s human nature to find friendly service providers more reliable than ones who give you the cold shoulder regardless of how excellent their services are.

If companies care about the growth of their business, they will make you feel cared for and provide what they promise you. So make sure you choose the right kind of business and not fall into the trap of money-grabbing companies that care little about you.

Get it Right the First Time

We understand that finding the right auto repair service company can be a laborious task. So try our services to see whether all the things we mentioned above are checked off the list! At ATL Total Car Care, we get it right the first time.

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Checklist For Finding Good Auto Repair Shop